Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Photos of Ngo Tien Doan Removed

Due to the harsh criticism in Vietnam about my artistic nude work with Ngo Tien Doan Mister International 2008, I was kindly asked by him to removed all the photos. Though, as a media professional, I realize this is not really the solution for it. Most of all, I just hope that this would make him feel better in this circumstance.

Concerning the situation, my sincere compassion goes to only him; I'm sorry for the difficulty we both have caused.

However, like I stated earlier on my Facebook page, just because we appreciate beauty with a different perspective does not mean that we are wrong. We were made different. We think different. And we live different. People should learn to respect others.

Finally, I wish him a good luck and will stay by his side. He has done nothing wrong. Thank you all for the great support as well.

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