Sunday, January 30, 2011


Here is the complete set of a nude project I have done with Artem Golubev the Italian Russian model who works in Asia. After some previews I made on my Facebook fan page, a few viewers shared that they have ever seen this him around at a gym in Bangkok, implying that he attracts everyone at first sight.

Actually this is a second time that we worked together after the first assignment and we decided to collaborate again. I even received an email from a girl who claimed to be his girlfriend to remove all the images we have shot, saying that they were too explicit to her.

To be honest, I was somewhat pissed off hearing that; a lot of people still have no idea how to distinguish artistic nude from pornography. Artem himself however gave me a call and told me to simply ignore her. This beautiful hard-earned body is to be celebrated.

Hope you enjoy this set of photo shoot. Thanks Artem for another wonderful collaboration.

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